9WSYR News Channel news team is experienced and professional in providing authentic and up-to-date news services. Additionally, the 9WSYR news team works skillfully to deliver proprietary news and informative content to its audience.


Therefore, the dedication and excellence of the 9WSYR news team give the station a specific identity in the marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I view the 9WSYR messages by cable?

On cable television, LocalSYR is available on Charter Spectrum Channel 9. 9WSYR Channel had previously appeared on cable television as the standard ABC subsidiary in communities throughout New York State. Municipalities such as Potsdam, Malone, Ogdensburg, and Massena. There are currently only three news services covering the region, including Spectrum News, which is only available on cable.

How does interactive radar technology work?

LocalSYR News interactive radar technology allows users to configure and view the most authentic and essential weather information. Additionally, users can pan and zoom to capture detailed weather information in their area. You can also select satellite and radar images with inclement weather warnings. Northeast Radar provides weather data for the Northeast New York region.


What is SkyNET9 used for?

View live video from the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse using SkyNET9 camera technology. You’ll find information like when the sun is shining, how much snow is falling, and other weather details. Live streaming of Doppler 9 with SkyNET9, the live camera network, is also available anytime.

Who owns 9WSYR and when did it start?

9WSYR News Syracuse NY is owned by Nexstar Media Group (Nexstar Inc.). The television station began operating on September 9, 1962, with facility identification 73113.

What is the WSYR NewsChannel 9 LocalSYR app?

Stay on top of the latest news and announcements by installing the 9WSYR News app. Get full coverage of downtown New York and Syracuse on NewsChannel 9WSYR. See also LiveDoppler 9 and zoom in on your favorite location with interactive radar.